Don’t Clearcut Seaside 

For All of Us

We are a community of neighbors, citizens, and allies who are passionately opposed to a proposed development known as Vista Ridge II

The Concerns

It’s Hazardous

The forested canyon has steep terrain that is saturated with water from two healthy streams, springs, and extensive wetlands. Construction activity will create risk for the existing neighbors and future imaginary houses.

Riverbeds and wetlands are bad places to build houses.

habitat destruction

The late successional forest and all the life it serves will be destroyed. The sensitive ecosystem and all of the wildlife will vanish with it. It will be another blow to habitat for the endangered Coho salmon.

This will destroy one of the last untouched forestlands here.

financial unknowns

The investors are looking to get a quick permit, clearcut the land, sell the empty lots, and pocket millions of dollars. The city will have to invest resources and money to support this imaginary luxury home development.

The city shouldn’t spend a dime for this proposed development. 

No houses built

The proposal would create a barren landscape without building a single house. It won’t make a dent in the affordable housing shortage here on the coast. Similar developments still have empty lots after 17 years.

Seaside doesn’t need another road to nowhere.

The Human Impacts

December Hearing Summary

Second Hearing Update December 9, 2021 Hi folks, The “BIG” hearing took place on Tuesday, and we delivered the entirety (150+ pages) of our opposition document to the Planning Commission. It is a big file, so instead of including it on this e-mail, we have posted it...

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Applicant Letter and our Response

Hi folks, With the hearing just around the corner, we thought we'd publish a letter submitted by the applicant, along with our response. There are certainly significant differences of opinions about how to best protect the environment. We believe our version is good...

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Upcoming Commission Hearing December 7, 2021 – 6:00pm

Since September, the public hearing for this proposed development has been postponed twice. The new hearing date is currently set for Tuesday, December 7th. We will post an update to this blog page as soon as the city planning department provides final confirmation...

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What are we doing?

We are leaning in to stop this project from proceeding.  We have studied the proposal, researched the land, evaluated the ordinances, and learned the process. We are vigorously opposing this project at the Planning Commission and City Council hearings. Also, we are getting the message out.  Join us in saving this amazing forestland in the Seaside city limits.


We are focused on ensuring that the Planning Commission and City Council will have all of the details about the challenges of this proposal in both form and substance.


We are building community by bringing the message to all of Seaside, the North Coast, and the Pacific Northwest.

Join our cause. e-mail