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Proposal overview

Take a look at the proposal as it was submitted. It’s a hot mess.

Vista Ridge proposed development

Our initial response had a lot of ideas, but the key points were as follows:

  • The proposal is so bad that it should be denied outright.
  • There are no houses proposed – only a clearcut.
  • There was no effort to engage with the community – just a steamroll of the neighbors.
  • This is a cut and run and leave Seaside with the undeveloped lots.
  • The investors are looking to get a quick permit, sell the lots, and pocket the profit.
  • This does nothing to alleviate the affordable housing shortage, will mean lower property values for the existing homes, and leave the community with a lifeless plot of land.
  • This will destroy the kind of forest wonderland that we all love having here in the PNW.

why is this bad?

  • The proposal will destroy the habitat by clearcutting the land.
  • Construction activity on the property will contaminate the streams and wetlands that flow into the Neawanna Estuary.
  • All the wildlife and salmon will almost certainly vanish with it.
  • Tree removal will accelerate erosion and create a risk for all the existing adjacent houses.
  • Thousands of trucks and heavy equipment will create daily disruptions and noise on Broadway and Wahanna and in the surrounding residential neighborhoods for a decade.
  • The land is shown to be mostly unbuildable on the city’s comprehensive plan.
  • Wetlands noted by state maps are not shown on the proposal.
  • Seaside’s Planning Staff did not provide an approval. 
  • The proposal requests many exceptions to city codes and ordinances which will devalue existing property.
  • No professional geotechnical, geology, hydrology, or geohazard reports were submitted with the original application.

Published articles

The Seaside Signal published an article about the project as part of a Planning Commission hearing article in September.  There was heavy attendance at the meeting and a lot feedback submitted.

The meeting ran long and the Commission decided to postpone the discussion until the October session.  The video is online here.

In October, the Signal published a follow-up and more detailed article.  That meeting was also heavily attended, but the developer asked for an extension until November so that they could provide more details on their project. This was an alternative way of saying that their proposal was so bad that they needed time to update it. The video is online here.

We anticipate more to come as we continue to oppose this effort.

related maps

The forested area that the developer wishes to clearcut.

A map submitted by the developer showing where a test pit was dug. No test pit was dug there, nor could it have been dug in that location.


The area in yellow is almost entirely undevelopable.  The contour lines are so bad that they could never be used in a project of this scope (nor any scope).


December Hearing Summary

Second Hearing Update December 9, 2021 Hi folks, The “BIG” hearing took place on Tuesday, and we delivered the entirety (150+ pages) of our opposition document to the Planning Commission. It is a big file, so instead of including it on this e-mail, we have posted it...

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Applicant Letter and our Response

Hi folks, With the hearing just around the corner, we thought we'd publish a letter submitted by the applicant, along with our response. There are certainly significant differences of opinions about how to best protect the environment. We believe our version is good...

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Upcoming Commission Hearing December 7, 2021 – 6:00pm

Since September, the public hearing for this proposed development has been postponed twice. The new hearing date is currently set for Tuesday, December 7th. We will post an update to this blog page as soon as the city planning department provides final confirmation...

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Seaside’s Small Population Growth

POPULATION GROWTH There is speculation that this project is needed because of a housing crisis in Seaside. This speculation is unjustified by the demographic trends that are shown in population counts and a development like this would do nothing but destroy a...

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The Human Impact – Part 4

Rebecca and Brian (and Sky) Rebecca and Brian moved from Portland into their new home just 6 months ago.  They have visited the coast dozens of times over the past twenty years and fell in love with the area.  What's not to love? Their daughter and 2-year-old...

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The Human Impact – Part 3

Kathy (and Nash) Kathy moved into the house across the land from Solfrid & Ray 10 years ago.  It is a quiet place to call home with friendly neighbors and a natural setting.  Kathy is dynamic and thoughtful – qualities that aren’t often found together.  She loves...

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Our Top Priorities

oppose the project

Engage Professional Advice

Community Involvement

Provide a Robust Defense

require changes

Respect for Nature

Enhanced Construction Standards

Oversight and Governance

conserve the land

Build a Platform

Secure Financial Support

Land Trust

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.


~ Margaret Mead

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