We are working every day to get our message to Seaside about this irresponsible project. In addition to this website, we’ve created a Facebook page, a Change.org petition, and a newsletter to get our message out to the community. Send the City Council a direct message from our home page. Let them know this proposal is a bad idea!

Stories and Media

There are many details on this website – and many more coming – that describe just how bad this idea really is. The most impactful are the four human stories that describe how this proposal would affect the folks who are right in the way of the developers and their money.


We’ve also had coverage in the Seaside Signal and Daily Astorian.  We have more media activities planned over the coming weeks leading up to the next Planning Commission hearing.


Our objective and our message is simple. Tell them to vote no on this proposal. 

On the street

Our team has spent a significant amount of time getting the word out to our friends and neighbors in-person. And we are going to do more outreach.

Our message is simple:

Don’t Clearcut Seaside!


Want more details?  We’ll send one e-mail per week.