Opposition Highlights

Build houses – not empty lots

This land is not the place for any houses.  The City of Seaside needs affordable housing within the city limits, not logging trucks on city streets and tracts of dirt with “proposed” luxury housing. We will provide details to the Planning Commission that focus on this topic.

Saving the Land – Every Acre Counts

Wide “setbacks” from streams and wetlands keep the waters healthy and vibrant. City codes require robust geotechnical reports to show if and where development might occur.

The report provided was terrible and an independent review provides  results that are alarming. Nothing should be built here.


We will provide all these details (and so many more) to the Planning commission.


Uphold Zoning Standards

Seaside has rules about how and where housing developments should occur.  This proposal requests many exemptions from those rules that would change the zoning, and put property and people in harms way.  We will provide a list of challenges to demonstrate that this is nothing but a bad idea.

Want more details?