The terrain is difficult for any building activity. The canyon is steep in some areas, and is saturated with water from two healthy streams, springs, and wetlands. Building anything after clear-cutting the land will amplify the challenges.

Since no houses are in the proposed development, it leaves the harsh challenge of building the future houses in this environment to 17 individual builders. This is a deeply flawed approach.

The land is shown to be mostly unbuildable in the City’s comprehensive for the high school project. The wetlands noted by the state maps are not shown on the development proposal.

The City of Seaside Planning Staff evaluation report for the proposal was inconclusive and required additional information that has yet to be provided and made publicly available.

No independent geotechnical, geology, or geohazard reports have been yet requested, provided, or made publicly available. In addition, no grading plans have been provided.

The proposal requests exceptions to city codes and ordinances to accommodate as many potential future houses as possible exclusively to enhance the profit for the investors.

The proposal does not detail how to mitigate concerns about emergency access for fire and rescue services.

Simply put, riverbeds and wetlands are a bad place to build houses.

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